Dave Armstrong received degrees in Electrical, Computer and Environmental Engineering in 1974.  After graduation he spent ten years working in design, product, and test engineering of ICs.   He followed this semiconductor focus when he joined HP in an Applications Engineering role.   He’s worked in the ATE industry for more than 20 years supporting the 82K, 83K, 93K, and T2K.   He presently is the Director of Business Development supporting both the 93K and T2K.

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry he held roles in Integrated Circuit Design, Product and Yield Engineering, and Test Engineering.   In 1984 he transitioned to an Applications Engineering role in Hewlett-Packard.  His initial assignment was the support of all products in the Test-and-Measurement catalog.  Soon thereafter he focused his efforts on HP’s (and later Agilent’s) IC Test Group where he remained for more than twenty years.  As a Principal Engineer he greatly influenced the design and successful market penetration of a long list of HP/Agilent ATE solutions. In 2004 he moved to Advantest America becoming the Director of Marketing, Product Engineering, and eventually Business Development.  In this capacity he works with both customers and Advantest Research and Development in order to define, develop, and deliver creative solutions to the most demanding test challenges.