In April 2014, the ITRS committee announced it would be reorganizing the ITRS Roadmap to better suit the needs of the industry. The plan was to take all the elements included in the 17 technical working groups and map them into seven focus topics:[6]

This is a design-focused topic that examines architectures, and how to integrate heterogeneous blocks.

  • Outside System Connectivity

Focuses on wireless technologies, how they work, and how to choose the best solution.

  • Heterogeneous Integration

The focus will be on integration of separately manufactured technologies into a new unit so that they function better than the individual pieces do separately - whilst allowing for components such as cameras and microphones.

  • Heterogeneous Components

Focuses on different devices that form heterogeneous systems, such as MEMS, power generation, and sensing devices.

The focus is on devices that provide electronics but aren’t CMOS based, such as spintronics, memristors, and others.

  • More Moore

Because there is still work to be done, this group will take on the continued shrinking of CMOS.

  • Factory Integration

Focus will be on the new tools and processes to produce heterogeneous integration of all these things.